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Monday, November 21, 2011

Isaan Roads, Highway 2112 in Ubon Ratchathani Novermber 2011, Another Isaan Moment

I am moving between 5 and 25kph on this and many other stretches in Isaan.
I do not know how many kilometers of roads in Isaan are in the condition or similar. I do know that over the past few years I hace covered more than 100,000 kilometers in Isaan and certainly more than a quarter of the roads are in poor condition. Actually this is safer than a road you might be driving along at 90KPH and hit a bottomless sharp edge hole> I do not recommend night time driving in isaan.
The local administration gets the road budget which is then put out for bid. The winner, of course, has to line the officials' pockets. Then when building, or repairing the road proper techniques are not used and proper standards not maintained.
The local administration had folks out tamping clay into the potholes of a road that was repaired just 2 years ago. Someone told me they were doing it this way, while waiting for big time additional flood funds would be coming in.

Be careful it can be a pothole jungle out there