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Friday, November 25, 2011

Isaan Live Update 25.11.11.Flood views and opinion

Isaan Forgotten not Gone
Well, this morning Bangkok post shows that Thailand's Members of Parliament have their priorities, in the usual, self serving direction.
"Mudslinging broke out in the House of Representatives yesterday after an opposition MP called on the government to give details of its recent activity to tackle the flood crisis." is one of my favourite quotes in this article. I guess it's still not dry enough in Bangkok to dig up the dirt.
let's hope that Thailand is held responsible for the Hard Drive shortage that will be going on for some time to come. Was Seagate CEO Steve Luczo aware of the geography and dangers before hand, or was he assured by thai officials that all was safe. Why aren't the members of parliament reviewing past studies? Why aren't they reviewing the actions that led to the floods? Who has built illegally?  As I have said in previous posts "movement is not always progress. It is time to progress.
In the land of twitter and tweets here a couple that caught my eye.

"FROC and other govt agencies have spent around THB2.1 billion procuring sandbags during flood crisis. #ch3 via @BaBYxxxEviL #ThaifloodEng"
How many kilometers would that many sandbags stretch? I did a quick google search and found "
Empty sandbags cost $0.25 - $0.75." so let's say 20 baht a bag which sort of gives us a round number of 100,000,000 sandbags.
I suggest the Tourism Authority of Thailand rcycle and sell the things to tourists. I am sure they can hold a competition to find a catchy jingle to stamp on the bags.
And last but not least flood wise for the day "#thaifloodeng / Dr. Seri just said that North and West of Bangkok will not be dry beginning of next year." What happenened to all the 11 day prognostications? Gotcha! None of them ever said which 11 days.