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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Isaan Live Flood News and Updates 23.11.11

Isaan Forgotten, not Gone
Last Night  The organizations "Save the Children" and "World Vision" held an event.
and I quote
"This event will provide insight into the social and humanitarian impact of the current flooding crisis in Thailand. It brings together two experts from leading humanitarian organisations Save the Children and World Vision."
 Now 1st of all they say in Thailand, but I think they might be more precise in saying Bangkok and perhaps Central Thailand. I am not aware of any presence by either of these organizations in the North or Northeast of Thailand during or in the ongoing aftermath of the floods.
How an event provides insight is beyond me but I am old, thick and slow.
Next, what is the social impact of the flood, on who? the victims? and of what economic class?
Okay, of course I was not there, but I am sure the event has been recorded and will be made available soon.
Here in Isaan the social impact of the flood is an inconsequential question after such questions as..
Where was any international aid or assistance to flood victims?
By flood victim I mean people whose homes could not be occupied, and people who could not reach their homes by motorcycle, bike, or car, but needed assistance in returning home, also those families who lost income as a result of the waters, such as rice, sugar cane or other crop damage.
As to the humanitarian impact of the flood it demonstrated that dogs get more aid in Isaan than people. But money was well skimmed from dog rescue as well.
Moving on World Blog an MSNBC article was rather interesting since no matter who is found at fault for being incompetent, derelict, or just plain stupid, no one will be held responsible or face any consequences.
I am still trying to get any information I can From The Provincial Red Cross Offices come and will publish any information or lack of it as soon as possible.

Live from Isaan