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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Isaan Life Flood Update 26.11.11 views and observations

Isaan we aint gone yet!
Well it seems some of the folks around Bangkok are none to pleased about the way the water is being handled and have been revolting. Here in Thailand it is the governments function to be not only revolting but corrupt and ineffectual as well. And another "expert" this time from Israel, a country with plenty of flood related problems? Where have all the experts been the paast 20 years, both forein and domestic? And more supplies arrive,  but where do they go?
And more advise from twitter that will not be followed. "Thai flood solution. Dredge all major rivers and klongs. Easier than building 'water highways' & new rivers. #thaifloodeng" After all where's the money to be made in that.
If you travel around Thailand or live here for any period of time you might notice that maintenance is not a big priority, especially preventive maintenance. Just buy new when it breaks, seems to be the anthem.

And finally tourism and TAT. Khon Kaen Retirement runs regular stories on the foibles of that organization.
But why not promote Isaan. Cool weather, relatively speaking is arriving.
Even though the 18 hole course in Kalasin is undergoing some construction and temporarily closed there is plenty of golf in Khon Kaen.And what about the Mekhong River here in Isaan. They made a feeble, half-hearted  attempt promote it last year. And that is just a couple of the many reasons to visit the region..
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