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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Isaan Flooding 17.11.11 Updates and Opinion

Yesterday, the 16 of November, I noted a post from The US Embassy, American Citizen Services.
"Very useful info from the CDC on what to look out for when returning to your home after a flood: #ThaiFloodEng"
I posted in reply
" @ACSBKK I guess you figured American flood victims in Isaan could figure it out on our own . Thanks (not) for the no help"
and got back
"@isaanlife Take a look, the CDC info is not area specific, not sure what you are getting at"
I said
"@ACSBKK it could have been posted for people in isaan a month ago to be of use is what I mean"
They replied
"@isaanlife Got it, we are still new at this, and doing our best. We'll keep striving to get better, and are always open 2 comments/questions"

I thought , well at least they are trying, when suddenly it dawned on me , This is the US Embassy and American Citizen Services has been there for ages. And to top it all off they have 3 Consular trips to Isaan upcoming. Who are they kidding. This was just another case of "They Dropped the ball", again.

Another thing that I have noticed is the "Daily Death Toll" numbers
We are never told, Mr. so and so of this village, amphor, province died of such and such causes. I have a strange feeling that the flood death toll numbers are a work of fiction, much like other data presented to the public.
Then there is the Dutch Expert I saw him interviewed on TV. He has very emphatic in stating "If the data presented to him was true, this would be the outcome."
So was the data presented to him true?

And Finally back to Isaan and my search for the Money. I have seen dozens of photos of Officials receiving checks from domestic and international donors, but as yet seen no accounting of the money . I will continue to check at villages around the area to keep up with what is going on and who is helping in what way.
I especially want to quantify what each of the Provincial Red Cross offices have done to assist flood victims in their areas.
Another subject of interest is City Planning here in Khon Kaen, Isaan and the rest of the country. Of course Google or any other search will bring you links This being one.
These laws may exist, but are they being implemented? Housing estates seem to go up with no planning to additional runoff. The photo on the left shows evidence of poor or no planning or implementation of the law by the Khon Kaen Municipality and the rainy season results, which cause loss of income to nearby businesses.

I'm, burned out. There is Plenty more for tomorrow and the days and weeks to come