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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Isaan Flooding 16.11.11

Well here it is Lottery Day again across Thailand. The saying in Thailand should be, "You have about as much chance of winning the Lottery as getting an honest answer from anyone in uniform in Thailand." And almost everyone in Thailand wears a uniform.
I first noticed the rising waters in Isaan back in mid August and the level of the Lam Pao back in September. Of course I know that my readership is , basically inconsequencial, but someone in uniform might have noticed the situation.
After more than 15 years of Bangkok Post and The Nation I am well aware of their value, little or none. But when the 1st flood related lie appeared(I knew it was a lie as I had visited the site and knew that their story was impossible) and I later confirmed it with a visit and what was to become my first Blog Post about the flooding in Isaan and the lies by the Government and Print media here in Thailand.
For the past couple weeks the real flooding in Thailand, or the only flooding that seems to count hit Bangkok.
Yes it is the Capital of the Kingdom and yes millions are affected. Or are they? Reading, watching and listening to the news no one had the same story as the next one. I never hear the same story twice
This is not just a watery flood of historic proportions but the greatest flood of lies, excuses, blame someone else, and let the skimming begin ever ignored by so many.
Now I read at #thaifloodeng in twitter "Why is the UK the only Government revised travel to Thailand advice? Don't we matter as much?? They are complaing in Bangkok that they are being ignored. Ignored !
Dog on their way to dinner in Viet Nam got more press and donations than flood victims in Isaan.
The Bangkok Post does not miss out on the fun, here they completely ignore the Lam Pao Reservoir which holds 1,430 million cubic meters of water and is the largest earten dam in Thailand. And here we go again with the meaningless "% of reservoir capacity". double talk.
Catching lies, bullshit and other dodgy stuff is tiring work here in Isaan. So much to blog and just little old me and Larry who enjoys The Tourism Authority of Thailand.

Talk to you all later with more updates.
In the lab when looking at stuff under the microscope there is a quanitity TNTC= Too Numerous To Count.
Welcome to Thailand where bullshit, lies and excuses are TNTC