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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Isaan Flood News, opinions and updates. 24.11.11

Isaan Not gone, just Forgotten
I might have missed in the flood of information over the past month,but suddenly news about all the textile factories. Why is just out now?
1:05pm SRT resumes normal services 4 South bound trains leaving Hualumpong&Thonburi sta,more details call1690 #Thaifloodeng v@TAN_Network
I always have to laugh when I see this News about the SRT. As far as I know late is the norm on both routes in Isaan.
 Then I spotted some talk about pumps either at twitter or elsewhere. Thailand should have more than enough pumps considering those given by Khun Toxin.
The folks at the Asia Sentinal published an article that must have carried a bit of truth as it was immediately attacked in the first comment.
Remember Thai Love Thai aka Thai Rahk Thai, well you can forget all that. And 7 days is the new 11 days.
If you have ever thought of starting a construction company, now might be the time, although I thing it will once again be a case of who you know, not what you know.
Here in Isaan, I think I might have posted this earlier, but in answer to questions.
1 Everyone as far as I know is back in their hoses in Isaan. There might be an exception or 2 in Roi-Et, as I could not get to the roofs I saw to determine what they were used for.
2. I do not know how mich rice is lost to the flood. Some paddies are still chest deep with water and harvesting is not only manual, but marine.
3. I witnessed that the drought has begun in some areas of Ubon Ratchathani.
I still have not gotten any info about the "Save the Children"\ "Wold Vision thing at the FCCT.
Has anything been published for public consumption?
I'll keep posting as people ask questions.
And please via, twitter or whatever I will answer whatever I can.