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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Isaan Flood and Weather Update 09.11.11

It was a bit chilly and wet this morning so did a quick visit out on the ring road and called a couple other places to see the state of clothing and blankets.
The boys at the Royal Thai Meteorological and Darts Society have been predicting the onslaught of the cold season, and I was sure that the government had enough time to ensure that flood victims and others have adequate clothing and bedding. And aid agencies I was sure would be looking after the situation
I even saw a few folks around town this morniing bundled up and it is cooler out in the countryside.
Low and behold as far as I can find out you cheap folks around the world have donated nothing to help clothe and protect the folks here.
No one was aware of any clothing or bedding available for flood victims or others.
People are truly stingy aren't they.

So once again thank you everyone for your concern for and help to the people in Isaan