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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Bullfighting from Isaan Episode 4. 09.11.11

It has started already the good news is already coming in.33,892, a mighty exact figure back to work. Now here is a ministry that is really on the ball.
"Manufacturing operators in Ayutthaya province have recently notified the department that they would re-employ their workers, totalling about 280,000, the director-general said" And we know this will happen for a fact?
In Bangkok, the flooding has affected 6,474 businesses, with 109,602 employees losing their jobs."
How can they possibly know exactly how many businesses were affected. And by the way what is it they mean by "affected."
"He said the floods have eased in many provinces, with the number affected being reduced from 32 to 14.
"A total of 20,526 businesses with 819,147 workers in the 14 provinces, mostly in the Central Plains, were affected." Oh please so many numbers and where do these numbers come from. There is no way complete data, if any data is available.
"Local factory operators have prepared emergency shelters for Thai workers, while the ministry will take care of the migrant workers, the minister said."
And we have already seen in many cases just how the Thai Government looks after migrant workers.
And what journalist has questioned these numbers. I am sure that journalists from around Thailand have gone over these numbers with a fine tooth comb to verify their accuracy.