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Monday, November 7, 2011

Bangkoks refugees in Isaan Part 1

No Parking for Peons
I spent some time this weekend doing a bit of detective work. I am trying to get a bit more information about the flood refugees here in Khon Kaen and in Isaan in general. The Thai government, I am sure will be creating all sorts of data and statistics about all of this in the near future, but I am hoping on getting some poop a little less fictional. I am talking about the folks from Bangkok who have deserted that sinking ship either until the floods recede, or in some cases permanently. As far as I have been able to figure out from what I see, and what I have gleaned from a number of Thai acquaintances, from some people who know me from my years of doing whatever it is I am doing here and from encounters with people when I am out and about. The wealthy are easy to spot, their land yachts, lack of manners and dress give them away. From what I have heard and will be trying to confirm is that they are appearing at the 3, 18 popular hole golf courses around Khon Kaen and can be seen at Central Plaza in Khon Kaen and Malls around Isaan. I call them the spoon and fork khao ngiaow eaters. In the restaurants surrounding Beung Kaen Nakhon, in Khon Kaen they are recognizable for all the obvious reasons and they finish food in record time. Any group of 2 or more people in Isaan rarely finishes a meal in less than 45 minutes, often much longer. While any number of the Bangkok folks seem to disappear in less than 30 minutes and don’t seem to share in a comfortable family style. Why do they end up in Khon Kaen? For some reason the place has become quite popular with the upper crust of Thailand’s, so called, society. They have been buying up condos in the area of late. I guess that their fortune tellers predicted the recent events down at the Bay of Bungle. Next I’ll discuss more of the good folks, displaced to Isaan due to the flooding in Bangkok