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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Bangkok Refugees in Isaan Part 2

Taxi drivers, construction workers the Isaan people who keep Bangkok going are the next group. They are the sons and daughters, husbands and wives of the rural families in Isaan. It is often their income that keeps the families heads above water. And in this case that is not meant as a pun. The money they send home from Bangkok puts food on the families tables and clothes on the kids backs.
With them home not only are they not sending, much needed money to the family, they are now consuming what little there is.. If the family is farming rice this an even more difficult time if the family's rice crop is under water, and financial ruin a reality. The Isaan cab drivers and hotel maids and workers are also dependent on tourists for their jobs to be there. Will there be work for them once this debacle has run its course.
I am sure that the Thai government will create all sorts of data, will announce all sorts of schemes. But I am sure of one thing and that is that in the end the Isaan worker and his family will be no better off than they ever have been. And in many cases once agin the folks of Isaan will bear the brunt of this tragedy