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Friday, October 14, 2011

Village flood update 14.10.11

Friday and my usual trip to Leos' bar in Khon Kaen town has been postponed until the water starts to go down.  These photos are taken from around the house and inside the kitchen...water not yet over the counter-tops but its getting close.  Last night the water did rise a little but nothing like the last few days, thank goodness.  Luckily we have had no rain today, fingers crossed.  At this time we are just waiting for the water to start to recede so we can begin planning our clean-up strategy.  The kitchen is going to be the priority and probably the most costly.  Even though the walls, floor and counter tops are all tile there is wood under the counters and I guess should be inspected for damage...that's another day.

At the end of our road that we have to use to get into Khon Kaen it is bone dry (100 meters, max) and there is a photo looking up to that area and another looking down to our little island, the water on the road outside our wall is waist deep.  The locals have fishing nets strung around to catch fish, shrimp and who knows what else.  

Lets hope that the rain stops for a week or so and this crap goes away...the novelty is wearing off!!!

From the LOS and 'Amazing Thailand'