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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tourism Not Promotion Center Mukdahan Municipality in Isaan

I assiume this is an operation of the Tesaban Mukdahan. And he should be proud of the way it sends tourists elsewhere . I arrived in Mukdahan and was once again surprised to see celebrations before auk pansaa. To find out what was going on I took myself to the Tourism Not Promation Center Mukdahan Municipality. First of all for all you old or disabled folk the ground floor has some odds and sods junk and if you think you want info it is up a flight of stairs, but don't bother. I arrived and, for now say, asked the woman what was the schedule for Auk Pansaa. Now we leave the word woman and move on to COW a word I do not use often. I realize she was pregnant but not only was she obese as well she was bovine and ignorant. First she laughingly told me how clueless I was as Auk Pansaa was on the 10th. She went on to give a bit more of misinformation before her assistant or keeper informed her that Auk Pansaa is tomorrow the 12th. Anyhow things only went down hill after that. They have NO information, no brochures and no clue in a waste of someones money. But not to worry I did not let the cattle into my hed and am enjoying food , beer, and the people of Mukdahan. Oh by the way I am being polite and leaving some things out of this post.