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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A Thai Proverb at work in Isaan

"Get the best propaganda you can out of any disaster." Use the victims of the flood as photo ops for government officers. The people picturde here came by boat, walked, boat and motorcycle, walked and motorcycle and so on to get to the site where a TAO official according to him) set up this site. In reality villagers had to set it up, under the watchful eyes of the lazy, not sweating or dirty, government officials. Then the villagers got to listen to about an hour of propaganda, before having to pose with a government wonk, so that the plonker could have a record of the work he\she is doing in the field. I refuse to take pictures of government officials unless they are working, so I seldom photograph them, there are exceptions. Now at first the GNW (goverment not worker) said he was giving the food to the people. I asked if he bought and packaged all that stuff. No, it was delivered to his office and he was giving it to the people. I mentioned that it seemed to me as if he might mean deliver as well. He finally agreed that yes he was delivering at. At which I mentioned that in fact he was not delivering, but making everyone come to this spot, and wouldn't it have been more helpful if a couple of (GNW) got in a boat and delivered it, for real, to all these people Anyhow we all had a good laugh at the (GNW) which helped a bit.