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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

From a western friend facing the flood in Khon Kaen Isaan

this was posted before today the 12th. More to come from Richard.

After you read this piece of waterlogged crap hit the ''play sideshow'' icon and away you we will if the water gets any deeper.  (That was put in the message to help the few people that had a problem viewing the pictures).

The water is sloooowly getting to the critical parts of the entrances to the house.  Best guess is 12-15" to go.  All this water has brought out some strange creepy crawly things, plenty of little frogs, a few baby rats, some snakes and tons of little fish that are having great time swimming around in/on what was my lawn and driveway.  If the water comes in the house tonight we have a problem...2 bedrooms on the ground floor and a dining room that is full of all the stuff from the kitchen. Tomorrow we are going into Khon Kaen and buying a small boat so we can get out of this area and get to higher ground where the truck is parked.  Plastic boat that sells for 4500 baht and according to the wife we can use all year to go fishing on the pond?  Anyway the village is a bit short on transportation for those that are living on an island so it will be money well spent!!??

From the ''land of smiles'' and ''Amazing Thailand''  have a great day.