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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Pong River to the Chii in Isaan #thaifloodeng

Travel East  From the Khon Kaen ring road for about 5.5k and on your right you will see a chinese style gate, here is where you turn right onto road 2391 that follows the Pong River to it's confluence whit the Chii. It is a back way to Kosum Phisai, Mahasarakham. About 10k down the road was one of two road blockage sites in Isaan from a government "Flood Status Map" and as I expected it was high and dry. This road as so many 4 digit roads in Isaan Is littered with potholes and has been for years. These back roads put big Hilux' under the bigger back ends of local Government Officers. Anyhow hard working local people have toiled under the sleeping eyes of "water buffalo in uniform" aka Government Officers and managed to keep many villages from flooding, filling and hauling sandbags to a point another 5k down the road.
Wanting to see the rest of the story I drove back and around to the other end of road 2391 a trip of about 50k. I got back onto 2391 and traveled about 11.5k to where a few 100 flood victims were living on the road their villages having been flooded. The road outage was ultimately less than 2k. One hell of an effort by the folks of the area.
One think that struck me on the trip has the lack of lackies (Government Officers). When I brought it up everyone had a good laugh. "What day is it? they asked. Oops it's Satureday. But, I am sure there will be plenty of reports from this weekend sent to the appropriate ministries.
So here are some more of the 1,000s of victims of the flooding throughout Isaan from 100s of villages along kilometer after kilometer