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Monday, October 31, 2011

Platts Island Khon Kaen Isaan, a Village underwater

Here is what will be the last episode of this tale of the flood Thanks again richard

The last day of October...thank God, and the water is really starting to go down. These pictures show the extent of the drop in water level. Have not got a clue where it is going and I really don't give a damn as long as it goes. Sunday we moved the furniture back to the ground and put the concrete benches in the driveway. Now we can sit outside, which is something we have not been able to do for 3 weeks. The best we can figure is that the garage, driveway and lawn will be completely clear of water by the middle of November and the kitchen area will be 4-6 weeks after that...depends on how long my submersible pump lasts since I don't think it was designed to be working flat out 24/7. The road outside is under about 1 meter of water and so we still need the boat to get to dry ground, when the water level there will go down is anyone's guess then they will have to fix the road so we can get our vehicles home. the road was washed away in a couple of places and will need to be repaired pretty quickly. Also Sunday afternoon we were given another 'emergency rations' package. More pot noodles, toothpaste, toilet paper, rice, water and a few other cans of stuff. This lot came with compliments of the Khon Kaen University. This will be the last message I send about the problem here as we will be cleaning up starting this week and have really no idea when we will be finished. I do know that we need 3 new doors and probably a new paint job all around...don't know about the inside of the kitchen yet. From the LOS and Amazing Thailand have a great day wherever you are. Rich & Risa