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Friday, October 21, 2011

Platts Island Isaan Episode something 21.10 11

Friday morning and things are looking up.

The water level went DOWN another centimeter or so last night so we are looking forward to walking on dry land around the house soon.  Rain is not forecast for the next few days but you never know and the dam is 'slowing down' the amount of run-off they are letting loose.

The photos sent to day are of 2 things really.  The first few are of the 'dams/fortifications' we built around the front downstairs entrance and also the back door.  They have worked extremely well and saved us much grief...thank you Nop.  The 2nd batch are about the visit we had from a government person yesterday (Thursday) afternoon.  He gave a short speech about 'how well' the gov't was responding to this situation and told us to expect the problem to be 'solved' in a couple of weeks.  What this means is that the water will continue to go down slowly and we will just have to grin and bear it.  Since this Provincial Gov't did not acknowledge that there was any flooding in Khon Kaen Province it was hard to believe much of what he said.  The last batch of photos are about the village people getting more 'emergency rations' to take home.  As you will notice all these people are smiling and happy, at least they seem to be happy.  Some of these villagers have a house that is under water up to the roof and are sleeping in the village hall, some are just sleeping outside on a patch of high, dry ground.   We now have 40kg. of rice, sardines coming out of our ears, pot noodles that will last us years and water, medicines, toilet paper and a few other goodies.  The 'emergency rations' that they give away are NOT all from the gov't, some packages are from private companies, e.g. Electric Co., Siam Commercial Bank, Bangkok Bank, Tesco Lotus, Big C.  It is amazing how quickly these companies react to a bad situation yet the gov't has problems acknowledging that there is a widespread guess is that there will be some heads in the new gov't rolling after this problem goes away.

Anyway that's all from here, we are happy that the worst is over, fingers crossed, and look forward to a peaceful weekend.
From the LOS and Amazing Thailand, have a great day.

Rich & Risa