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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Old eyes in Isaan

It's odd that while getting ready to write this post I happened onto a forum where folks were complaining about this company. In 16 years I had not heard anything but praise about Top Charoen Optical. But everything I have ever bought from them were prescriptions they had in stock.                    
You see them all over Thailand as well as the staff in tight white skirts sitting in the air-conditioned shops all day. I have bought glasses for near sightedness from them for years. I learned a long time ago to watch for the buy 1 get 1 free offers. You get 1 years breakage insurance with each pair which they have always honored. In the old days they would just replace the whole thing, while now a days they tend to repair if they can.
It seems they make their money in designer frames which the shops seem to have more and more in stock. I usually try to find an outlet away from posh areas and Universites to find ones with more of the common or stock frames.
Another wonderful service they provide is repairs for any glasses. I and many others I know have walked in the roor with a screw loose or something else broken, hanede over the glasses, been offered a glass of water, a bit of a chat and a few minutes later our glasses reappear, not only fixed, but cleaned as well.
Perhaps there are problems with things that need to be ordered, special orers or whatever, but I and many others here in Thailand appreciate the service that Top Charoen offers