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Friday, October 28, 2011

A new Low in Flooding

this is some of the stuff from twitter and thailands nearly english language newspapers

""RT @RichardBarrow: Reporter doing a piece to camera in a puddle by Grand Palace. Either side is dry #ThaiFloodEng""

"However, he said the flood situation in those provinces was not as bad as in the Central Plains and northern provinces." Lt Gen Thawatchai Samutsakorn, commander of the 2nd Army Region 

"In Khon Kaen, Theerasak Theekhayuphan, deputy mayor of Nakhon Khon Kaen Municipality, said the flood, reaching 30cm in some areas, had caused Bt400 million in losses."

Bangkok post"
The government is capable of preventing Bangkok from being severely flooded, Science and Technology Minister Plodprasop Suraswadi said on Friday afternoon.
The government also can prevent the floodwater from further flowing into the industrial estates in Ayutthaya province, he said.
“I am confident that the government would be able to protect the capital from being inundated to avoid severe damage on the economy,” the minister said.

Reading about the lucky people of Isaan, the rains have stopped
I have it worse than you do, what drivvle!

This is a catastrophe, a disaster and everybody has been damaged by it. People in Isaan some of whom have homes that have been under water for more than a month. Some have lost their cropds, some severe business losses

In the past month traveling through and recording the events in the region I have a number of questions I ask when I have time to hang out with the villager for a bit. One question is "Have their been any reporter, journalists, TV crew here?" The answer is always "NO" with 1 exception. If a Governer, or High Official shows up they have a film crew and juornos

The deputy mayor says 30cm of flooding and the government propagandists AKA thai journalisyts repeat it with checking the face that people are under 300cm of water.
If people would report on what they see, verify before you print or RT and get out there and report.
I have not heard a thing from the north of the country in ages.
What's going on in lower isaan?

The Thai Government either does not know or will not tell the truth.
People have to do it themselves, Please get off your asses and do it

In that vein there is now a rush on for everything in Isaan. Fear of shortages is emptying the shelves in the area