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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Mukdahan, isaan 11.10.11 Arrival update

I arrived in town about 1300h and checked inti the Saeng Thai hotel which is getting a bit in need of a facelift, but I have known the owners for years and the wifi is usually adequate. No such luck this time and after trying 2 floors had to move on. Once again I was a bit tired, hungry and for sure thirsty so checked into the submukda hotel. Here I know 2 things. First that the wifi works fine daytime. Second it goes off at about 2300h and does not come back on until sometime after I leave. With that in mind I fired up the netbook, loaded photos, posted and set up some drafts, got a cold beer in me and.. Anyhow this was another case of TAT and premature festivitalasm, the boat races started about the 10th, so I headed down to the river. As usual the "never die flowers were on hand with the usual chinese pot, baskets and so on. Never eat try to eat squid from a roadside bbq vendor. If you need to patch a shoe or a flat tire get as much as you need. And why can't you get Ho Chi Minh sandals in Thailand? Also it seems the dinner boat is in drydock for now. Suddenly I went from a bit peckish to I am starving. Not the poshest of repast, but a bit of chicken, somtam and sausage went down quite well with a bit of beer and fortified me for my encounter with the Mukdahan No Info folks

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