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Thursday, October 13, 2011

More Richard and the not flood in Isaan

Well this saga continues.  Today Nop (brother-in-law) decides that we should build a wall around the 2 entrances to the house that are VERY susceptible to water man!!?  He set about the job after ferrying in cement, sand and concrete blocks to build his version of the Hoover Dam.  The back door is finished (the wife needs a step ladder to get over the damn thing but I expect (read HOPE) that it works.  He will be back in the morning to finish the door to one of the bedrooms.  In one of the pictures you will see the bow of a pretty blue boat...a recent acquisition that he brought from the boat shop to us.  According to the village elder, tonight we are going to get a large amount of water around here, rain or no rain.  Good test for the 'new' walls.  In pictures 8-9 the fish are enjoying life on the lawn!
Just as a precaution the electricity is off in 1/2 the house so Home Pro is going get their pint of blood from me in the way of 'D' batteries.
Free food on the high ground of the village tonight...I'm sticking with my sarnies and a few Leo.

From 'Amazing Thailand' cheers and have a great day.