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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

More from Platts Isand in Khon Kaen Isaan 19.10.11pm

"Wednesday morning and it looks like we are in for a stay of execution.  The water level is steady at kitchen window level and since we have had little or no rain it should, hopefully start to recede.  Last night we were told over the loudspeaker system that the Ubolrat Dam has decreased the amount of run-off by 50%...good news.  

The last picture shows what was in an 'emergency rations' that we got on Tuesday night.  This was from the Khon Kaen Provincial gov't.  We are doing well out of this flood, plenty of pot noodles, toilet paper, toothpaste, medicines and of course RICE.

As you can see by some of these photos the kitchen is a bloody mess.  Since it is lower than the back door of the house by about 30'' it will be a long time before it will drain enough for us to get to work on the cleanup.  The drains that we have to take care of rainwater around the kitchen slope toward the pond and the rice paddy on the side of our house.  The water level there will not go down real quick so we will have to wait until we can drain off the water from the whole kitchen area, even the submersible pump we have will only send the water out of the area to come back in through the drainage pipes.

Today has started out great, sunshine, hardly any clouds and a forecast that says ONLY 20% chance of rain...early yet!!
That's all for now.  From this island of ours have a great day, wherever you are.

Rich & Risa."