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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Life in Isaan or Yes We Have No Bananas

As some of you might know I have been in Isaan For more than 16 years now. In a couple villages I have photographed peoples graduation from University, marriage, birth and birthdays of their children. You might say I am part of the furniture. For a couple days now I have been visiting some friends along th Mekhong about 15 kilometers upriver of Non Khai town. Now I say upriver because in this case upriver is actually South of Nong Khai. This is a bit of a story of yesterday and yesterday evening in Isaan. As some of you may know much of Isaan does not even get a dependable GPRS signal let alone wifi. Early in the morning I shot this (all photos in this post are from and HTC Legend, Android phone using Tweetcaster and Twitter apps to upload to twitpic) Folks in the village do not go to Tesco to get their bananas or many other foods it's just there go get it.

I thought this had been up loaded and posted to twitter, but no. Later in the day I was driving out of Nong Khai town and spotted this Lao vehicle driving down the roa. It does have Lao license plates. Now a Lao government worker makes, not a whole lot of money, but they sure must be frugal and good savers to buy a Hummer. I wonder what the tax on this baby is in the old PDR?

Early evening I was sitting with a friend and posted, as I usually do, the official start to that evening. Not only did it post on twitter and I could actually see the timeline moving and a post from @qandrew to which I was actually able to reply and attach a photo that had been posted earlier in the week to twipic

A bit later sat down with some other folks for a bit of curry

  As often happens in the village a bit of this and a bit of that was added and a few beers and GPRS signal came and went and came and went.
And I saw I had a msg from@JackPrinya on the twitter and tried to reply but could not
So I hope you read this Jack and yes I think it is now called Darlie.
But I hope this gives folks the oppurtunity to realize the gap in this country between Bangkok, a couple other major centers and the rest of the country. Why I laugh at the idea of even mentioning giving tablet computers to kids that don't even have a GPRS connection ley alone wifi. Why not get wifi in every government office and school?
Why not fix the roads throughout isaan? I'll gladly send the government all my geotagged photos of the region.
It has been a real gift to be able to try to tell people about the real isaan, the good and the bad, the funny and the sad. And I look forward to living out my days with my thousands of brothers and sisters and nieces and nephews.
And now thanks to modern technology, sometimes able to communicate instantly, sometimes with so many people on places like twitter or even the blogs
So that's mty story and I am sticking to it.