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Saturday, October 1, 2011

knowledge park, Mahasarakham, isaan 01.10.11

I had been told about "Knowledge Park" at the Science Fair at Mahasarakham University a few weeks ago, and as I was passing the location decided to stop. There is plenty of parking, a rarity in Mahasarakham and the rest of IsaanThe building is the old sala glaang, that has been totally remodeled, and so far a good job done of it
Miss Peek made the mistake to greet me in English and was immediately recruited to give the tour and a fine job she did. I am sure she does not get to practice her English very often and for someone to walk in, stick a camera in her face and her do as well as she did is a testament to what can be accomplished by a person with the desire to do well.
I will be back to the park and hopefully the will keep progressing at the rate they have so far. Once agian it is good to see that some things, of use, are being implemented for the folks of Isaan