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Monday, October 31, 2011

Khon Kaen Isaan Update 30.10.11

Got my wires crossed and Kathin at Wat Po turns out to be observed next Sunday, so I popped over to ACT and got the truck serviced.
After that I stopped in Tesco Lotus to take a look at the stock situation. As most everywhere water is gone. They do have a few high priced brands left, but even they are running out. They seem to be okay for rice right now, but from what I heard from the time I visited in the morning to the evening most of those bags came off the shelves. It's always nice to see a sign of Thai excessive consumption and the Merc is just what fits in Isaan, or  is it a Bangkok statement. I also stopped in Tops in Tuckom, a smaller of the 2 outlets in town and stock is flying out of there.
The shot of the apartment, is a reminder about an upcoming post to help explain the perliferation of apartments in Isaan.
And today I am back out to evaluate flood situation in the area.