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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Kham Cha-I, Mukdahan, Isaan, Pindabhat Auk Pansaa

We owe so much to Ajahn Mun, Maha Boowa, Chah, Sii, Wan and so many others for instilling and strengthening Real Buddhism in Isaan. Throughout the year I visit so many wats and somnak in the area and see the simple dignified, elegant way the people look after the monks belies and the monks looking after the spirit of the folks. To see a village turn out in the morning to offer alms to the monks. No money in envelopes, no political talk, no Mercedes no VIPs. No orange robes. What a beautiful day. I do have some DSLR photos which I will post when I get over Isaan Jet Lag.