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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Just a short Stretch along the Chii in Isaan #thaifloodeng

I really think most people do not have a clue about what is happening in Isaan. Thousands upon thousands of people are forced from their homes in hundreds upon hundreds of villages Mile after mile of riverside road is under water. The only thing keeping me from giving up is this quote from the Nation (Thailands nearly English Language Newspaper) "Those who fail to put price tags on their goods will face a Bt10,000 fine, while those selling goods at prices that are too high will face seven years in jail and/or Bt140,000 in fines. " Because if that's what you get for price gouging I cannot wait to see what they do to anyone who had any part in this crime against the people of Thailand. There is no such thing as this town, in this tambon, in this amphor, it is  Isaan has been terribly damaged. And those who have committed these crimes have to pay. This is one small part of the many I have already posted and believe me there are many yet to come