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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Isaan Flooding 16 October 2011

This infrormation is from the 15th posted this morning. First of all an update from Richard and Risa in a village in Khon Kaen inside the ring road
"Good morning Tom,

Photos for today will be a bit late, as in tonight.  Yesterday we were told of the loudspeaker system in the village to get out butts up to the dry part of the village and get some more 'emergency food parcels'.  These were courtesy of the Electric Company (EGAT)and really did put the Gov't. ones to shame.  These included:

Great canvas bag
12 bottles of drinking water
8 bags of dry noodles (MRE)
6 cans sardines
6 custard cakes
1 six-pk of Lactosoy
2 rolls of toilet paper/tissue
1 thingy of Tiger Balm
1 cigarette lighter
2 toothbrushes
2 tubes toothpaste
1 flashlight
1 pk candles
1 box matches
1 pk ea of Paracetamol, Foot cream (for foot fungus, I guess) and a bottle of shampoo.
We were given 2 of these bags and asked if we wanted more.  No thanks, I said as we have more noodles than Makro.

This morning at 7:00am the village boss got on the loudspeaker system and said that at 9:30 am please go to the local District office where there will be more foodstuffs given out.  Risa took the boat to get her fair-share and then try and make her way home.  The water came up about 3-4 inches during the night but ''supposedly'' the weather will clear today and the dam will not be throwing out much water. That is according to the head of the village.

Biggest problem we have at the moment is that 1 bathroom is unusable and the other one is getting that way.  Looks like showers outside from the water drum and get to high ground to take a crap!  This is getting old but at least we have no water inside the house...yet.  We are a lot more fortunate than most of the others in the village who are a lot lower down than we are and consequently their houses are damn near totally submerged.

Have a good trip next week, talk to you when you get back.  Or if you want you can row over and have a beer!!

Rich& Risa"
Next is a short video of the cause of the problem, the discharge from Ubol Ratana Reservoir. This discharges into the Pong River and has been held back for as long as possible as not to "inconvenience" the people in Bangkok.
I heard that they had reduced the flow. When I arrived 2 of the 4 gates were fully open. I asked around and was told that it had been 2 gates all along, athough I was also told that as many as 3 gates had been open. In other words no definitive answer on a Saturday
There is a long story as to how this situation was reached that people will be arguing about for years, but at the end of the day I imagine it will point to an inept government and equally inept people in technical positions.