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Monday, October 17, 2011

Good morning from the Platts island Khon Kaen, Isaan, Thailand

 More from Richard from Inside the ring road in Khon Kaen

"Good morning from the Platts island outside Khon Kaen.
We have had an interesting couple of days. The rain HAS NOT stopped as the weather people said it would and so we are bracing for another rise in the water sometime today (Sunday). Yesterday and last night the water level rose about 2-3 inches and is now getting very close to our bedroom door defenses...meaning the concrete wall we built around the step. We still have a ways to go on the back door dam but the bedroom one is the one I am concerned about. (Picture of this attached). Late last evening our remaining toilet gave up and started throwing back what we had been putting into it for the past 8 days. So at the moment we are without a toilet and a means of showering inside. We have barrels of water on the back patio that we will be using to 'shower' with...meaning a bucket poured over the head, lather up and pour more water to clean off the soap. Not the most efficient way but what the heck! Friday and Saturday we got more emergency rations from the local gov't. These were courtesy of the Electric company and Khon Kaen city government. A picture shows what they include, the one shown does not include the medicines, shampoo, toilet rolls, flashlight, matches and large candles. Also supplied were 24 bottles of drinking water. The Thai people are very well organised when something like this flood happens why they cannot do it on a daily basis baffles me. Along with the emergency rations we got a visit from 2 university students. They are majoring in Nursing and they, along with their classmates, were visiting the unfortunates to see if there was anything they do to help. No rain so far this morning, at least not in the village, but it may start later today. It has been a little over a week since all this crap started and to be honest I am getting right pissed off...problem is that there is nothing we can do about it except grin and bear it. We are lucky we have good friends and neighbours and plenty of food in the fridge and freezer or we would really be depressed. Sunday today so it is a day of rest. Thank goodness.
From the LOS and Amazing Thailand, have a wonderful day
Rich & Risa "