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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Gilligan Platts Island in Isaan 19.10.11

"Tuesday and we have been keeping our heads above water as best we can.  Sunday night Nop (brother-in-law) came over and decided that the 'dam' that we put in front of the downstairs door was not going to be high enough so we raised it.  We then put the patio furniture up higher to make more room for the boat and keep the water off the teak furniture.  You can see by the pictures what we accomplished.  Monday we went to the bank, Tesco and out for lunch...boat to the main road and truck into town.  We were only gone about 2 hours because we did not know want to leave the house with no one to keep an eye on it.   The whole village is cut off and we know have safety patrols stationed at the end of our road stopping people from going into the village.  In one of the photos  you will see a picture of Risa's mum dressed for her ride on the motorcycle...what a fashion statement!!

Monday night we had a little bit of rain but not a deluge as we have had in the past.  The water is still rising but it seems, at least to me, that it is not as bad as last week.  As far as the kitchen is concerned the water has made it to the windows and from the way the kitchen building is located it may be 6-8 weeks AFTER the water goes down before we will be able to move in and start the clean-up.  Good thing we have tons of pot noodles!!

The local gov't and council are still giving 'care packages out everyday.  Yesterday when we got into the boat to get home we were given a bunch of stuff that included: 30 eggs, mosquito stuff to put in/on the water, dried fish, rice,stomach tablets (for those crazy enough to use the water inside their house), chili paste, more toothpaste and tooth brushes, soap powder for washing clothes and a few other things.  I cannot say enough for the authorities when there is an emergency, they really do take care of the locals.  It would be better if they PREVENTED the flooding by exercising good management skills at the dam instead of waiting until the last moment to release millions of gallons water all at once.

From the LOS and Amazing Thailand...have a great day.

Rich & Risa"