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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Flooding in Isaan and water levels 21.10.11

I visited the Ubol Ratana dam and reservoir again yesterday. I have been given conflicting information by various and sundry sources over the last week, and as always, the only way I know to learn the truth is to see for myself.
Government plonkers make all sorts of statements and as you can see in many of my recent posts I have proved that they are either totally misinformed themselves and make staements to have the pleasure of hearing their own voices or they are simply lying.
So has the discharge from the reservoir been halved, look for your self. It doesn't look like it to me, but that is just an opinion.
Also you can see the reservoir level at gate 4 of the 3 gates. One government hack has said there are 3 gates, I guess that's in government count, just like the 30cm of flooding in Khaon Kaen, oh here you read the quote fromn the Nation (Thailand's nearly English Language Newspaper) "In Khon Kaen, Theerasak Theekhayuphan, deputy mayor of Nakhon Khon Kaen Municipality, said the flood, reaching 30cm in some areas, had caused Bt400 million in losses."
Anyhow as I have been researching I have a number of questions about, flood control, eleltric generating and a number of other things, but for now you look, you see, and you judge for yourself.
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p.s.  The dam golf course has reopened with 4 holes temporarily closed.
No Flooding in Isaan