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Friday, October 14, 2011

Flood Update in the Isaan Village Khon Kaen 13.10.11

First of all for those who asked about what the government passed out to the people of the village. Richard sent the following information.
"We have had 2 loads of this so far...the first we gave away because the water was not high enough to worry about and we had lots of food in the fridge, freezer and storage area. The 2nd one we kept. Contents: One very nice canvas bag, 5kg sticky rice, 8 cans sardines, 8 pk dry noodles (RME), 1 bottle each of fish sauce and soy sauce and a box of various medicines (the most important is the stomach stuff in case you drink bad H2O). The local Tambon is also giving free food each evening on the higher elevations...that's assuming you have a boat to get there. The local village elder also handed out some 'mini waders' (for want of a better description). Beautiful BRIGHT orange things that would make H & S in England proud. Only problem with them is that one size fits all and if your feet are Chinese size you're OK."
And here is his update from yesterday as it is now 0400 the 14th here
"Thursday is not much better than Wednesday. It pissed down with rain during the night and contrary those 'lowlanders' at LEOS' bar we are wet. (Which is, in my opinion the best place to socialise and enjoy a few drinks in Khon Kaen). Since Risa and I had to go to the dry area for provisions Problems this battery went *****?, a leak in the Hoover Dam outside the back door entrance (fixed (?), and the dog needs to take a crap. JomKhuan is a Thai Ridge-back and has been stuck in the top of the stairs going into the house. She is now appeased. Wish like hell I could say the same.
The pictures on the slideshow are basically my wife's mum and sister trying to get fish, shrimp, snails etc., etc.. However what it does show is the amount of water that is coming to this village and this area in particular, maybe I am prejudiced.
Tonight is going to be a bit of a test since the 'village elder' seems to think that the Ubolratana Dam is going to let a ''few'' more million cu meters of water out in the next few days. Where in the hell is it going to go? Hopefully tomorrow we will be able to give you a more pictorial view of our problem. As always...from the LOS and Amazing Thailand...all the best, Rich & Risa"
And click here to view the album

Just as a point of interest the village is not out in the country it is inside the ring road in Khon Kaen