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Saturday, October 1, 2011

12 Traditions, Heet 12, in Isaan, Kathin the 12th Month November Buddhism

I am posting this early as it see what is coming early to many wats earlier than what seems usual this year. One of the things I enjoy is that Kathins take place for about 6 weeks and I get to visit a lot of old friends and acquaintances. You can also view last years Kathin at wat Po Thi Nonthan in Khon Kaen here. Following video and words thanks to Mahasarakham University

Duan sip song : bun kathin(twelfth lunar month : makingmerit by  offering kathin)
  Kathin  consists of several necessary things for the monk and monastery.  To offer  kathin  the monastery must be reserved.  Before the kathin  offering day celebration is held along with religious practice.All  the offerings are aimed to pass to the dead for their next  happy   lives.