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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A Visit to 3 Prae Pan Villages in Khon Kaen

Some time ago I posted a story about the Prae Pan Co-operative in Khon Kaen City. The other day while on my short road trip one of my options was to visit some of the villages that take part in the co-op.
I visited Hua Fai, Nong Thoom and Nong Yaang Laen in Tamboon Nachumsaeng, Amphor Phu Wiang.
Prae Pan means "many types of fabric", so more than silk is being worked.
In Hua Fai about 30 people take part of the project. I visited with Ms Luut who makes PaChet Tao, or rugs, as do most of the people in the village. From there I moved a few kilometers to Nong Thoom, where about 30 folks participat  Mae Soom showed me many of her diverse wares and off I went to Nong Yaang Laen wher mae dtoey showed me the rugs she was working on.
The album photos are geotagged so you can see the locations and I will post the map below the album
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