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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Phu Pha Yon National Park, Sakon Nakhon

The sun came out for real and it got hot mid afternoon when I arrived at the park and went off in search of waterfalls. When I first saw the sign I figured I'd do the 800 meter trip, but as I got going and saw the state of the trail I figured "let's do er" and walked past the  800 meter waterfall sign going for the gold 1,500 meters. Well another 200 meters or so it all came to an end as I looked over the edge of a cliff and started looking for the trail. I heard a noise and turned around to see a guy, looked to be in his 80s walking along. I asked him about the waterfall and where he came from. He pointed me to the edge of the cliff and I was pretty sure he could not fly, so inching to the edge and looking down the whole 50 meters saw what appeared to be a natural staircase in the rocks. Once again on my own in my 60s I did weigh the odds and decided to give it a try, also remembering I would be coming back the same way. At the end of it all none of the falls were "breathtaking", actually not much at all. I got sweaty and dirty, but the old man did it. When you look at this album in Picasa click on "view map" or "view in Google Earth" and you can see my adventure in the jungle. ENJOY or try HERE it should take you directly to the map with photos