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Saturday, September 3, 2011

A Pansaa visit to Wat Pa Baan Taad in Udon, Isaan 09.03.11

A beutiful day a stop at Phu Foilum, A waterfall and Wat Pa Baan Tad all in the same sunny day. It being Saturday I decided not to arrive until about 1000h hoping most of the crowd would be gone, and, thankfully they were . Mostly wanted to visit with a couple "Venerable Sirs" and Pansaa is a great time as no one is out on Tudong.or traveling. There was a suprise on hand in that the first (upper floor) of the sala has been turned into a shrine room and it was full of students trying to look meditative.. The ground loor of the sala is still the main room for most everything at the wat, but the new addition is quite tastefully, and simply done. Also got a copy of "Pitipada" which I had not seen before even though it has been out for years.(1995). Another thing you can be sure of at the wat is a sunny day in the rainy season is laundry day.