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Thursday, September 15, 2011

On the Road. Khon Kaen, Kalasin, Sakon Nakhon Isaan 15.09.11

Today I left Khon Kaen at 0600 and it was raining.
I started tracking the trip in Yaang Talaat in Kalasin.
From there I traveled 261.6 Kilometers in 8h,41m,52s
of that time 7h,05m,41s was moving to include walking which you will learn more about.
My max speed was 114kph
my minimum elevation was 118 meters and max 490.
Yes there  are more than 180 geotagged mobile photos and 40 DSLR (the rain ya know).
I want to make sure you view this album with the locations so GO FOR IT