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Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Monkey, at Kosamphi Forest Park had a Message for the Tourism Authority of Thailand

As you can see by the album there is plenty of rain and flooding in Isaan.
I pulled into Kosamphi Forest Park in Kosum Phisai, Mahasarakham. Yep, not many campers in the campground and plenty of wet monkeys.
Anyhow a monkey jumps on the bonnet and hollers
" Hey you, I seen you before, you're the Blog guy, aint you"
"Yeah that's me, nice to see you again, what's up" sez I
Do you read the Bangkok Post" he
"yeah" me
"Did you see what TAT did not say about the tourist attractions in Isaan" he
"Yeah they didn't mention anything wrong North of Ayuthia" me
"That's it " sez he and " when you see them TAT guy tell him come on by I got a big banana for for him, you know what I mean".
" Yep" sez I " but you gotta remember the dogs in NKP got more help than the folks around here"
"Got your point " sez he"Drinking Chang tonight?" sez he
"hope so" sez me
"Have one for me" sez he
And as soon as I post this I will
Once again the album is geotagged