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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Khon Kaen New Bus Station Update 07.09.11

I stopped at the station to see if it was ready to open, as I was told it was to open in September, this month and it does look ready to go. In a sense.
Now pay special attention to the area near the intersection of Highway2 and 230, the ring road.
X1 indicates the area where the section of the cloverleaf would be to put traffic from Khon Kaen on the ring road, or provide access to the new bus station. Notice it does not exist. That is there is NO ACCESS to the new bus station from Khon Kaen via the Friendship Highway.
Next traffic, especially heavy, big, ungainly, hard to stop trucks going Northbound enter the ring road here. Note the arrow just to the right of the new station. That is where these trucks and other vehicles are picking up speed to safely merge with traffic on the ring road. Exactly at a gate to the station. Also cars, buses and other vehicles will be slowing to go into the station in front of vehicles picking up speed to merge onto the ring road.
Next if you are Eastbound or going to the right of the, how do you get to thew station? This is a dived, dual carriageway. If you look just to the right of the far left "230" you will see a U-Turn point.I am sure, because I see people do it every day people will be cutting across to the wrong lane to access the station.
This station is about to be the Main Khon Kaen Bus Station and will have A LOT OF TRAFFIC.
This is a major problem that I am sure will be ignored. I am sure all the proper studies were done to insure this will be safe for all the vehicles and people that will utilize the facility. I am sure this was the best possible location and that no illegal money passed hands.

Congratulations Khon Kaen on your new Bus Station