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Monday, September 5, 2011

Dhamma is Free, Quit Your Whining, Isaan, Thailand, the World. Get a Grip

So I am on The Twitter this morning and as usual there, in the Blogosphere and elsewherere "Thailand sucks, Isaan people are idiots, Irish are drunkards", or just the opposite, "It's all so beautiful, People are so wonderful"and all the usual crapola.
Then there are the books, courses and webinars that will make your soul happy and joyous. Buy peace, buy love, buy wisdom.
I remember back in the day before the internet and spell check somebody told me about the "Social Sciences" it was the place people went to study everyone else's frailties so they could ignore their own. Looks to me like there are one hell of a lot of "Social Scientist" out there
Well the bad news is if you want to learn, it's all free all it costs is time.
DO NOT BUY BOOKS ON BUDDHISM  or any of that self help feel good crap go to
 Forest sangha or  Forest Dhamma  to read or listen to enough real Buddhism to last more than 1 lifetime. Or you can go to the Waat and they will put the real deal in your hand.

I have a big secret for all of you and you are getting this for free from an old dumbass in Isaan. "It is a do it yourself life. You make your own Heaven or make your own Hell"

okay enough shit from me for the year. Anyhow it just makes me thirsty