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Friday, September 23, 2011

Chinese Culture Experience Center at the Confucius Institute at MSU

Micael Talbot, of the International Relations Office, at Mahasarakham University had invited me to the grand opening of the Center, unfortunatly I was unable to attend, but had the oppurtunity to visit yesterday the23rd of September.. The location will be put into my Mahasarakham Map and of course you can see the Photos below. You can read about the center here. This was a visit I quite enjoyed. The exhibit turns a boring, boxy, mundane room into an adventur.The modern touch screen programs are well done and quite informative in a simple yet elegant way. From learning the origin of Chinese characters to Chines Opera it is a very comfortable experience. The static displays, once again are simple, but very well done.
We spent nearly 2 hours at the exhibit and could easily have stayed longer. The contact number is on the MSU blog linked above.
Once again you can click on the up arrow in the lower right hand corner of the cooliris album for a full page view.
This is just another of the many reasons to visit the MSU campus when you are in the area.