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Monday, September 12, 2011

Another fine job by the Tourism Authority of Thailand

The weather has been getting to me so I planned a trip this morning with plenty of options.
One of the stops along the way regardless of the weather was the Phu Wiang Dinosaur Museum.
I had not seen it in years and wanted to compare it to the Dinosauria in Kalasin. I went as far as to check my handy (sarcasm here) TAT Provincial Guide for Khon Kaen Province

and Headed up the road. I made a couple stops along the way, which you wil be able to view when I post later and headed on to the museum, it now being well past 0900 hours on a Monday
This is a geotagged photo taken in front of the Dinosaur Museum that is closed on Mondays. I wonder if I can get TAT to compensate me for petrol. Better yet they should compensate Thailand Billions of Baht for being at best Incompetent.
Any how I will post more later of things accomplished and found in spite of theTourism Authority of Thailand