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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Life and Food in Isaan, the Real Deal, and meat Mr. Mickey

The other day I was sitting in one of the many restaurants I frequent here in Isaan, Northeast Thailand. Now it seems to have become quite the thing to talk about Thai \ Isaan food on blogs and articles everywhere. Poor people food is now posh. The thing everyone seems to miss is the, oh well, sort of  reality of Asia. I guess no one notices but there are a bit of vermin in Asia and Isaan. Is your girlfriend named  Nuu?

Larry over at khon kaen retirement mentioned that they used to call this dish "Monkey Ball Soup" While here in Isaan it might be called "Mickey Ball Soup"

As I said I was sitting in one of my many locals here in Isaan and low and behold a actual rat ran across the floor. Now I have seen this in many places here over the years and understand the reality.
But the owner here had one of the best explanations I have ever heard. "No, no that's our pet Mickey" I was told not just some common rat. And good old Isaan Mickey was quite a bit smaller than some of his big city relatives.

So Love our Isaan food and  meet Mickey in Isaan