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Sunday, August 21, 2011

In Isaan, Waterfall or Rapids and more

It's the rainy season and the waterfalls are falliing and the rapids are are fast. But what's what in Thai. Waterfall is Naam Toke while rapids are gaeng, often spelled kaeng. I always thought a waterfall had a free fall of water from one level to the next, while rapids tumbled over rocks. To add confusion to the whole mix is mae naam river or huaiy or huay river. And don't stop there then we have nong, beung and gaeng\kaeng again. Think of Kaeng Loeng Chan in Mahasarakham. The folks in Isaan will disagree over what is what and I have come to my own conclusions. The rest is up to you. All I know for sure is the sound after a while makes me look for a tree to bless.