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Monday, July 18, 2011

Mahasarakham, Isaan, Prasat Ku Sanam

This is the 5th Khmer site I have confirmed in the Province. The Tourism Authority of Thailand lists 2. Please remember that TAT is a not for profit organization, therefore it seems to have little interest in accuracy or efficiency. Perhaps Thailand would be better served by a private sector company for promoting tourism in a more realistic method throughout the region?
Anyhow back to the Prasat. It is located in  Amphor Wapi Pathum  about 12 kilometers North of the Amphor capital.
Unfortunately this site is an example of the Thai disrespect for other cultures. While the base of the Prasat is all that remains of the 800 year old structure and a Buddhist Temple built around the ruins the situating of images that have no religious, architectural, or historic significance. Another large pile of concrete with a face and robes painted onto it and various and sundry minor images in no way serve any purpose other than to desecrate another cultures historical remains.
At the end of the day I wonder how Thais would act if someone visited deserted temples and built huge concrete piles painted to resemble Christ, Moses or Mohamed? One of the photos in the album is geotagged so location can be viewd in Picasa Web