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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Kalasin Silk Festival, TAT posts

Here is the Tourism Authority of Thailand, Khon Kaen office post from facebook.

"Phrae Wa Queen of Silk Fair 2011
11-17 August, 2011
At Kalasin Provincial Office and 80th Anniversary Commemoration Hall,

Muang District, Kalasin Province

Phrae Wa Queen of Silk Fair is held annually in August in order to honour H.M. Queen Sirikit who has kindly supported the Phrae Wa Silk under her royal patronage and promoted it to wider public awareness.The Queen's support also helps to create employment for local Phu Thai people. The Fair features the processions of people dressing up in local fabric.Witness the Phrae Wa Silk competition. Enjoy local performances, fashion show, as well as, purchase Phrae Wa silk products and local merchandise."
I went to their facebook page to enquire about the schedule of events and found as it appears that I have been blocked by TAT Khon Kaen and cannot comment.
Earlier I had emailed the office with a number of times and have NEVER received a response to my questions.
My comments to their facebook page have always been polite and correct. I understand that TAT is satisfied to operate about 50% correct, but anyone who follows my blog knows

And that's what gets up my back about an organization whose brief is to encourage tourism in the region. It is easier to get listed in the Royal Gazette, than to get noted by TAT in Isaan. At the end of the day they are stealing food out of the mouths of Isaan people who have shops near all these unlisted sites.
And the places they list are incorrectly located, not signposted and their phone numbers incorrectly listed.

Yes I am still trying to get a correct schedule of events for the silk festival and when I do it will be posted here