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Friday, July 15, 2011

Asalha Puja, That Phanom, Isaan 2011, Morning Opening Ceremony

The day begins like everywhere else in Thailand, and Isaan in the same way. Here at That Phanom it just happens on a larger scale. The monks chanting, then the people take the 8 precepts for the day and finally, for the morning, offering food to the monks. I of the police, he has been here 19 years now, I have only been coming for 12, came by where I was shooting to say hello and we got into a conversation about the girl dressed in an impolite manner for the temple. After seeing her offering food the policeman mention that it was better in the old days when she would have got sent home or given a sim to wear, and cover her legs while in the temple. Oh well, here are the morning photos form the phone cam, the DSLR photos will be posted in a few days. This afternoon is the parade and this evening the circumambulating of the That