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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Asalha Puja and travelling through muck and mire in Isaan

In the next few days I will publish a trip report about the weekend of the 14th to 16th, the Asalha Puja weekend in Isaan, but first I want to reiterate something.
I do a about an hour or more research a day about the provinces in Isaan and sites of interest in each. First I usually plot all the Tourism Authority of Thailand sites from their brochures and online data. I then search the internet using as many keywords as I find appropriate. Usually at this time I see how many people only copy and paste information and 50% of the stuff found is just plagiarized word for word from another site. Of the sites that  I find  I copy the location, place it on my Province map, mark with a "Police" icon and note this is an unconfirmed site. Now, to me a spot placed on a map means person has located and GPSed the location. If you have not plotted this site accurately please NOTE THAT IT IS AN ESTIMATE. I am tired of getting stuck in the muck and mire of Isaan back-roads. I have already posted geotagged photos of places named "Pottery Village", "Ban Phaeng", "Nature Park" and much more by the Tourism Authority of Thailand, Travelbloggers, travel writers and more, and been in the middle of a rice paddy miles from a village.

As shown in this case a bit over 500 meter can make a big difference, even when the village is correct. Now I have learned that, as good as it is, Google Maps is not 100% correct. Some that they show do not exist, some are dirt tracks and more..
The Police icon is the location posted by a travel site. It cost me about 3 kilomters of mud, narrow lane and 2 dead endsand they were cloce even had the village correct. I also have the advantage of some Thai.
Anyhow you can see the locations in the Picasa web album below
I do guarantee that every site I post has been visited by ME and locations are all GPSed in before I post and if you look at the photos for the past couple years many of the albums are geotagged