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Friday, June 24, 2011

Where to spend Asalha Puja, Khao Pansaa in Isaan This Year?

Well I guess I will not be going to a full moon party this year. And I doubt I will go down to Ubon for the Candle Festival as the past few years it has been a sad state after years of splendor. If you do go check out the float makers at the temples around town. You are out of the crowds, in the shade and can get a close up look at the detail of the floats.
What I might do is head off to one of the cave wats in Sakon Nakhon for Asalha puja as that is usually the day that Samanera take full Bhikkhu ordination, circumabulate the Ubosot or other auspicious landmark at the temple, then sit and meditate through the night to welcome Khao Pansaa at daylight.
Actually I might go back to Wat Tham Chao Ku Khao. It is a somewhat isolated place out side a small village in the Phu Phan Mountains where Por Kuu spent time. I hope to get more information about this monk  And if any of you have any information about his life please contact me.

Whatever the case have a safe long weekend next month